About CDI

The CDI is a chemical industry organization, incorporated under the law of the Netherlands as the Stichting Chemical Distribution Institute (CDI) and operates as a non-profit making foundation.

CDI is managed by a Board of Directors consisting of seven individuals nominated by the participating chemical companies. The Board of Directors establishes policy and is responsible for overall affairs of the foundation. Individual Executive Boards are elected to oversee and direct the staff managing day to day activities for the Marine, Terminals and Marine Packed Cargo Schemes.


  • To constantly improve the safety, security and quality performance of marine transportation and storage for the chemical industry.
  • Through cooperation with industry and centres of education, drive the development of industry best practice in marine transportation and storage of chemical products.
  • To provide information and advice on industry best practice and international legislation for marine transportation and storage of chemical products to customers and stakeholders.
  • To monitor current and future international legislation and provide experience, knowledge and advice from the chemical industry to the legislators.
  • To provide chemical companies with cost effective systems for risk assessment, thus assisting their commitment to Responsible Care and the Code of Distribution Management Practice.
  • To provide a single set of reliable and consistent inspection data which chemical companies can use with confidence.
  • To provide the chemical industry with an independent organization for:
    • Training, qualification and accreditation of inspectors.
    • Development and maintenance of databases on which inspection and risk assessment information can be promulgated.

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